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The Bay Brokerage

The Bay Brokerage is a dynamic team of agents mentored by Taskeen, she has over 18 years of experience and has brought her years of knowledge and expertise into this now large group. Residing and working in the Bay Area they offer specialties that complement one another and make for a great company to do business with. Taskeen is a Professional Real Estate Broker and has earned the love and respect of people, and especially takes pride in helping those who may need special guidance with complex issues with their deal. Referrals are the prime evidence of our success. We work very hard to prove that we deserve your trust. We are also totally dedicated to providing you with the latest accurate information on everything you may need.

We know that each situation is different and needs to be handled and catered to in a unique manner. We strive to be as regarded by our clients to be exceptionally effective, highly competent, and professional. While working with us, you will receive exceptional, professional services as we work through the marketing and sale process of your property. We consider ourselves a team to service “people” always striving to make our client NUMBER ONE!

We as a team will be at your side until you are completely satisfied! We have a strong bond with the community and are grateful to be part of it. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute part of the proceeds from each sale to the Shelters in the Bay area, Orphanage in Kabul, and other Humanitarian causes internationally and locally. You help us make it happen.

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    The Bay Brokerage